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VCS aims to maximize true added value in Alberta/ Canada by achieving positive step-changes in environmental performance by providing solutions to bitumen producers and refineries.

Services to bitumen producers:

VCS provides processing services to bitumen ( add extra heavy oil ) producers by transforming low-value bitumen into a Premium Clean Crude at the lowest all-in-costs (for equivalent products) with the best-in-class Full Value Chain Carbon-Footprint while significantly broadening markets and removing logistics bottlenecks.


Services to refineries:

The De-Carbonization ( and De-Contamination ) of bitumen upfront ( a unique “ Partial Upgrading ”) produces Clean Resinous Oil (COLF) that ENABLES  game-changing effectiveness in further upgrading- refining .


VCS customized clean crudes ( COLF ) are tailored to best fit a refinery needs to optimize refinery performance and meet or exceed stringent fuel regulations.

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