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VCS-Heartland ("VCS- H") Complex

The VCS - Heartland Complex (“VCS-H”), is a merchant upgrader/specialty refinery, designed to transform diluted bitumen into premium clean oil (COLF) a  medium sweet crude oil, which can be processed by any refinery in North America.

VCS-H Complex is a "shovel ready" project  located in the logistics hub of Alberta Industrial Heartland area of Strathcona County.  It has the regulatory approvals in place for two phases processing up to 188 kbpd of diluted bitumen.

Each phase of VCS-H consists of the following major process units:

  • DRU: Diluent Recovery Unit, which recovers the diluent from the DilBit.

  • ADC™: Accelerated DeContamination, implementing VCI proprietary technology that separates asphaltenes from bitumen with high efficiency and high oil yield. It decarbonizes the bitumen upfront and enables a simple and  cost-effective upgrading downstream to yield Clean Oil.

  • COC™: Clean Oil Cracking, is a thermal cracking process based on decades of proven conventional technology. The COC is designed to yield much higher conversion than convetional units due to VCI proprietary designs by taking advantage of the nearly asphaltene-free feedstock.

  • WRHP™: Wide Range Hydroprocessing is an optimized hydroprocessing unit that treats virgin and thermally cracked products to yield high quality products such as Ultra High Cetane Diesel and Low Sulphur Marine Fuel and Premium Medium Crudes, with low Sulphur.

VCS-H will provide a low-cost means of converting bitumen into high value products to producers seeking to eliminate diluent costs and eliminate the risks of light/heavy oil differentials, in an environmentally responsible manner. .

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Significant engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) work had been completed for Phase 1A (DRU/ADC™  and Utilities Sections of the complex) thus making this complex shovel ready and with minimal capital cost escalation. 

VCS-H is expected to be the Best-In- Class Bitumen Upgrader/Refinery – environmentally and economically, robust to oil price volatilities. The Heartland plant site could accommodate a four-fold expansion.

The VCS-H-1 Project was elected for support by the Alberta Partial Upgrading Program, consistent with the Alberta interest for Economic Diversification and Restoring the Alberta advantages.

Final Investment Decision of VCS-H- Phase 1 is subject to completing financing and construction will commence shortly thereafter.

Growth Potential:

Preparations are underway for Regulatory Application that will bring the capacity of the complex to 750,000 BPSD.

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