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 Clean Oil Products

VCS-Heartland will produce the following product portfolio of high quality/value/demand specialty refined products in addition to the premium medium crude ( Branded as COLF - "Clean Oil La-Fit" ).

      VCS Ultra High Cetane Diesel

  • VCS Ultra High Cetane Diesel is a premium product and superior to most Ultra Low Sulphur Diesels (“ULSD”) currently sold in North America. With the cetane Index of 53, this product provides meets European standards for  combustion performance in diesel engines with lowered NOx/particulate emissions compared to North American  ULSD. The market for this stream will be for local, North American and World markets.

      VCS Low Sulphur Marine Fuel (IMO 2020 Marine Fuel)

  • VCS Low Sulphur Marine Fuel from VCS-H meets the IMO 2020 specifications of low sulphur content of <0.5%. As the IMO 2020 regulations come in effect in January of 2020, it is expected the new fuel will replace up to 3-4 million bbl/day of resid (high sulphur bunker fuel) for marine transport by 2020. Asia, Europe, Middle East are the largest consumer markets for bunkering fuel oil with a combined market share of 86% (CERI 2018). 

       COLF Premium Medium Crude Oil

  • VCS COLF Premium is an upgraded low sulphur medium synthetic crude blend. Its lighter fractions such as naphtha, distillate and vacuum gas oils come from the hydroprocessing unit and have ultra-low sulphur content. The vacuum residue comes from the ADC™ product and is nearly asphaltene free.

  • VCS COLF has an API of 36 and distillation characteristics similar ( but higher in qualities )  to major conventional medium crudes such as Alaskan North Slope (ANS) crude. The unique characteristics make it suitable for the majority of the world’s conventional medium crude refineries with significant additional refining margin uplift.  

      Diluent Product

  • The Diluent Product produced from the DRU, is recovered diluent from the feed supplied to the VCS-H Complex. The diluent meets CRW product specifications and will be marketed to bitumen producers in Alberta. The market for this product is Alberta Oil Sands producers who use diluent to meet pipeline viscosity requirements of 350 cSt at pipeline temperature.  


      LPG Product

  • The LPG product is a mixture of mainly C3’s and C4’s produced from the hydroprocessing unit. VCS will market this to regional petrochemical company taking advantage of the industrial cluster being developed in the Alberta Industrial Heartland.



      Asphaltene By-Product

  • The asphaltene is by-product produced from the bitumen decarbonization step, called the ADC™. Asphaltenes are the heaviest components in bitumen with high concentration of carbon residue, the most difficult-to-remove sulphur compounds, and catalyst poisons such as nitrogen and metals, which contribute to make the material very viscous.

  • Removing asphaltenes upfront from the bitumen and storing them is the simplest and most cost effective form of solid carbon sequestration. The removal of these components is the most cost-effective way to reduce Oil Sands greenhouse gas emissions.

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