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Our Mission

Oil Sands to Clean Oil

To achieve a Fundamental shift in the Oil Sands Industry by converting bitumen to Clean Oil

with "best in class" environmental performance

in an economically competitive way. 

Our Solutions
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VCG proprietary technology scheme enables upfront De-carbonization and Partial Decontamination of bitumen very selectively and cost effectively. This drastically simplified the subsequent Upgrading and Refining  technology complexities and severities, leading to step-changes in capital cost, operating / energy  costs, and consequently GHG emission.  


VCS Upgrading  produces High Quality Medium Crudes that best-fit Conventional   Conversion Refineries, by far the majority of global refineries.


VCS  Upgrader can be readily adopted to produce Premium  Fuel Products ( e.g. IMO 2020, very High Cetane Diesel ) with fast  growing demands , most cost competitively.

VCS Technologies provide the following benefits to the Oil Sands Industry: 

  • De-Carbonize Bitumen UPFRONT, leading to Drastic Simplification, and Capex/Opex Savings (and GHG Reduction),

  • Increase Market Diversification as COLF can be processed by majority of the world's refineries

  • COLF eliminates the need for diluent thus Debottlenecking existing pipeline infrastructure

  • COLF is a higher value product with no associated diluent costs thus enhancing  value to producers

Our Complex
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VCS is implementing merchant upgrading and specialty refining facilities with licensed technology from VCI.  The first commercial complex, located in the Alberta Heartland is a "shovel ready" project, called VCS-H.

VCS-H will provide a cost effective means to convert bitumen into high value products in an environmentally responsible manner.


The Complex has a very simple, yet, elegant process configuration, which is made possible by VCI’s proprietary technologies and upfront De-carbonization. 

VCI's technologies implemented in the VCS-H Complex are:


ADC™        - De-Carbonization step

COC™        - Thermal Cracking step

WRHP™     - Hydrocracking step


These technologies constitute a powerful combination for producing premium products.


VCS-H is located in the Alberta Heartland near key logistics hubs that provide access to pipelines, utilities, rail and road access.


VCS-H, has adequate land holdings to expand the complex to process over 500,000 BPD  


Value Creation Inc.

Heartland Complex Regulatory Application

May 1, 2023

Value Creation Inc. ("VCI") strives to Catalyse Profitable Transition of Oil Sands Industry to [ C – Neutral Clean Oils ],

paving the way for eventual [ Net-Zero Clean Power ].

Value Chain Solutions Inc. ( “ VCS “  ), our wholly owned subsidiary, will play a pivotal role, providing “ commercial business models ” for each stage of the transition … to be later implemented at resource regions.


With the new strategy, VCI will withdraw its current Expansion Application and the corresponding IAP, with the intention to submit an application for a large Merchant SDC Complex ( with low emissions ) upon commercial operation of SDC-1

As Stage 2 of our development, VCI plans to submit an application for Salt Cavern development of 477,000 m3 ( about 3 million barrels ), with integrated operation with SDC.

VCS-Heartland Complex Expansion Project

FINAL Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment Report

March 10, 2020

Value Chain Solutions Inc. is proposing an Expansion to the approved Value Chain Solutions-Heartland (“VCS-H”) Project.

The purpose of this document is to identify for Value Chain Solutions Inc. (VCS), Indigenous communities and appropriate stakeholders the information required by government agencies for an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report prepared under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) for the Heartland Complex Expansion Project (VCS-H Expansion Project).

VCS-Heartland Complex Expansion Project

Proposed Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment Report

December 3, 2019

Value Chain Solutions Inc. is proposing an Expansion to the approved Value Chain Solutions-Heartland (“VCS-H”) Project.

VCS has prepared a proposed terms of reference for the VCS-H Expansion Project's environmental impact assessment and through this public notice invites the public to review this document. To review the document, please click at the below button.

Alberta: Oil Sands - Clean Oil Industry

October 24, 2019

Alberta Government announced the cancellation of the Funding Programs for Partial Upgrading and Refining.


The Government has, however, recommended Value Creation Group (“VCG”) to pursue a separate new program which, in fact, could better serve our alliances.

First Nations-Value Creation Group Alliance

September 9, 2019

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, Chipewyan Prairie First Nation, First Nation #468,  and Value Creation Group jointly announce              an Alliance Agreementtargeting to reach a Definitive Business Agreement within Q4 2019.

The Alliance Partners will jointly work with Government and Industry, to bring to fruition VCG’s  Mission :


to transform [ Oil Sands to Clean Oil Industry ]

 – Economically , Competitively  and Sustainably, while Unearthing Huge ( latent ) Global Markets.

The alliance will extend beyond the first 3 First Nations.

VCS - Heartland Upgrader - Refinery

July 30, 2019

VCS is considering an enhanced commercialization option ( in due consideration of potential market interests and based on business   development efforts of the company ) to:


  • Accelerate the project implementation of the VCS – Heartland Complex  up to the full approved capacity of 188 kbpd                                         ( instead of the previously planned 77.5 kbpd, as Phase 1 ).


  • Broaden its Product Portfolio to provide Clean, Premium Crudes and High Quality / Value Specialty Products


VCS' Open House

March 26, 2019

VCS held an Open House in Fort Saskatchewan, AB for early engagement and  consultation on VCS-H expansion plan and options.

There was a strong interest and support from the stakeholders for the future growth of the VCS-H Project.  

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